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Date of Birth:  November 2018

Breed:  Tamworth / Kune Kune cross

Daisy arrived in the wood on bonfire night 2023, along with her twin sister Lily, and Rosie.  The three pigs had spent their lives on a glamping site in Norfolk.  The conditions there were totally unsuitable, and the three girls were in an enclosure that was up to their shoulders in mud and filth.  They had no straw, and were not being fed appropriately.

Daisy is now enjoying the freedom of the wood, and a straw-filled shelter to snuggle in with her sisters.  She is losing weight now that she is eating a healthy and balanced diet.  She's a friendly girl, and is very similar in temperament to her twin Lily.  The two are very similar, but Daisy has a black spot behind her ear.

To adopt Daisy for one year, please order via our online shop.  If you have any questions regarding annual adoptions please email the adoptions team at

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