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2nd July 2015 - September 2023

Breed:  Kune Kune

Angel arrived at the wood with her daughters Thelma and Louise, in July 2017.  They came from a leisure park in Wales where she was advertised as a breeding pig and her piglets for fattening.  

Angel lived up to her name, and was a sweet and gentle soul.  She was very popular with volunteers and visitors, and was a very devoted mother to her two girls.  The three of them were always together, and slept cuddled up every night.

Sadly, Angel had developed arthritis in her legs that greatly affected her mobility.  She was given the best treatments by vets, including a specialist team in Liverpool, but unfortunately her health continued to decline with her quality of life.  She was finally helped over the rainbow bridge with a full tummy and snoring away.  Her passing was peaceful and gentle, and she was surrounded by love.  We will miss you sweet Angel.     

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