Mabel is a Mangalitza and was born on the 10th January 2018. She was rescued from a breeder in Hertfordshire on the 10th October 2020, who had no use for her and had unsuccessfully tried to sell her without her pedigree papers. Luckily we managed to secure her two piglets as well, Jingle and Belle, who would have been separated from their mum and each other.

Mabel and her piglets are now settled in the wood and have no fear of the other pigs, who tend to keep out of their way. Mabel is a good mum and is quick to defend her piglets if they find themselves in a tricky situation, which they often do. She is a very good natured pig and quite laid back, she will happily take over another shelter and feed her piglets in there. 

Amazingly Mabel is very trusting and doesn't mind her piglets having attention, but if they squeal she'll be there to protect them and will charge at anything which she perceives to be a potential threat.

Mabel enjoys being fed treats, rolling in mud (when it's hot) having a back rub and sometimes a belly rub too.

Mangalitza's are becoming popular with breeders for their gentle nature and with the gourmet restaurants in London. They originate from Hungary and were almost extinct in 1991, there were less than 200 remaining. 

In 2010, Mangalitza's were part of a breeding programme to prevent them from becoming extinct, like the Lincolnshire curly coat pig, which became extinct in the 1970's.

An interesting fact is that weaned piglets are called shoats.

To Adopt a pig please submit your donation of £20.00 via the 'Donate' link below and contact us via Facebook to confirm who you would like to adopt, what name you would like on the certificate and the address you would like the certificate sending to. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook.

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