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Date of Birth:  2017

Breed:  Lopped Eared Landrace

Gloria is an ex-breeding sow who was brought to the wood by a farmer in February 2023 after she had fulfilled her usefulness. 

After a lifetime living in an indoor cold dark pen, the only other pigs she met were her piglets and when she was mated. Since moving to the woods she has learnt how to live in her natural environment, she has made wonderful new piggy friends and is living her best free life. 

To adopt, please submit your donation of £25.00 (or £30 for International orders) via the 'Donate' link below and email the adoption team at with a copy of your PayPal receipt and confirm who you would like to adopt, what name you would like on the certificate and the name and address you would like the certificate sending to. If you don't have a PayPal account, see the donate page for details of how to pay by debit/credit card.  If you have any questions before adopting please do email the adoption team.

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