Copper & Rozza

Date Added to List: 16/06/21

Date needed to move by: ASAP

Number of Pigs: 2

Reason for Rehoming: Currently in foster which is not permanent

Name/Breed/Age/Size: 10 months, GOS/Royal Berkshire Cross.

Castrated/Spayed: Not Castrated

Location: Gloucestershire

Transport available: Transport available within a reasonable distance

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: n/a

Personality: (From their current home) "they will come for food and you can scratch one of them when eating, and i am slowly getting closer to the other one. But generally they are flighty and cautious. So they will need someone who has the time to spend with them properly getting to know them"

Updates from new home required: not necessary

Copper and Rozzer
Copper and Rozzer

Copper and Rozzer
Copper and Rozzer