Date added 16/11/20


Charlotte is a 2.5 year old Kunekune. The farm where she lives need to rehome her as she’s not suitable for breeding as she sadly has congenital arthritis.


They say, “She has congenital arthritis in her right back hip. The vets says there is not much to be done about it. She has her on metacam (anti inflamatory) but she cant stay on it forever as it affects the guts. We are currently in the process of slowly weaning her off it. This means she is stiff in the mornings but gets up ok to feed and then has a bit of a graze. She is slow getting about and often lays out during the day rather than going off to graze with her sister who roams about all day. No other health concerns. Her back leg can be sore so she does not like it touched....But if kept a good weight and healthy, she is mobile and can have a good life....She doesnt do well if competing with a bigger dominant pig (like her sister) but would love company with another docile and friendly pig. Her sister will be having her 1st litter next spring and we suspect this will cause problems for charlotte.”


Approx 40 kg, 50cm at the shoulder, 40cm wide, 90-100 cm long.


Her humans say, “Loves people and is very sociable and loves her belly rubbed. likes other animals, we used to have sheep here and they got on fine. Is not frightened of dogs. She does get a bit cross when her more agile sister muscles in on her food so we feed her separately. She would make a loving pet and/or companion for another pig. Very gentle natured and needs to be treated with kindness and patience.”


Wormed in May. Currently in Somerset, no transport but expenses will be paid. We may be able to find transport if necessary. You will need to be prepared to help her with pain management and ensuring she is kept in warm conditions in winter.

You can see a video of Charlotte by clicking on the following link:

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