Bruce, Cuddles & Ginger

Date added 27/10/20 - Updated 6/1/21


Bruce, Cuddles & Ginger need to be rehomed by the end of Lockdown because the educational centre where they live has sadly had to cancel all its visits due to COVID and doesn't have the funds to keep all the animals.


They are respectively a 

Castrated Male & Sow 4yrs old Kune x Large Black; & a 

sow, 4yrs old Kune x Tamworth.


Their humans say: “They are bucket trained and come running when called, spend most of their days foraging in a field and get on well together. Cuddles is the lead pig and tends to be a bit pushy with the others, she is very people friendly though and will be the first to roll over for belly rubs. Bruce is the male and is very vocal and can sound intimidating to those who don't know pigs, he is more wary of people than the girls but if he sees them getting attention or treats he is quick to join in. Ginger is the smallest of the three and can be pushed out by the others because of it, despite this she isn't bullied and stands her own, she also is very people friendly and if not being pushed by Cuddles also loves a belly rub. Ginger responds to  her name separately to the others as we sometimes give her extra food and treats to make sure she gets plenty to eat. All three are in good condition and aren't overweight, they love a mud wallow and hosepipe shower in hot weather and always adore a good brushing. They have a large field pen which they forage and dig in and they also have eat sow & weaner nuts mixed with brewers mash/grains, additionally to this we also feed them lots of fresh fruit and vegetables which are surplus from our local grocers or foraged by our volunteers (i.e. windfall apples and acorns). We have never tried them with other animals but they don't react to our farm dog running up and down their fencing, they are fenced by three strand electric fencing which is on a pulse box designed for hens and goes up to knee height so we can easily step over but they cannot jump it. They share a feed trough and pig ark and if someone wants a set of pigs who are more than just to look at then these three are perfect as they loves scratches, brushes and treats from people which made them ideal for interacting with our care farm volunteers (for health and safety reason there is always a fence between volunteers and the pigs but me and others who work on the farm regularly enter their pen and interact with them safely).”

Currently in Suffolk they can probably be transported within an hour of their location or reasonable fuel costs met. We can try and find transport for further afield if necessary. 

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