Bruce, Betsy & Gloria

Date added 11/3/20


These 3 pigs were bought by the lady’s husband who sadly died 4yrs ago. She has struggled to look after them and the space they are in is too small and mud-bound. She would really like them to be loved and cared for somewhere more suitable. All 3 are about 5yrs old. Bruce is the potbelly pig & castrated, and the girls are Kunekunes. They do not need to be rehomed together.


Their family say, “They are very tame friendly piggies. Used to dogs, chickens and humans. Love a good scratch from a human and a cuddle. Get cranky with each other occasionally but otherwise live happily with each other. Let’s the local magpie sit  on their backs.”


Currently in Lincolnshire but can move further afield , the family don’t have transport but are willing to pay costs, and we should be able to help transport if needed. 

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