Date added 13/1/20


Bramble is a pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black, 5/6 years old. She has been kept for breeding but her pregnancy days seem to be over. Her family want to bring a new sow in and don’t have the space for two so rather than have her put down they  would like to find her a nice retirement home. She’s a big pig at about 175kg.


Her family say “She has very much been a pet too....Bramble is a very easy and calm lady.  Easy to move and handle.  Will walk around the yard from field to field with gently direction.  Loves a scratch and a chat.  She has lived on her own happily both with us and past owners but was also easy with the boar.  She has a small appetite for a pig - doesn't like courgette but loves apples and other vegs.”


Currently in Bristol/Bath area, her family can transport within reasonable distance, otherwise are willing to pay some fuel costs.

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