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Basic personal care

Hoof trimming & Skincare

Hooves should be trimmed from an early age so your pig gets comfortable with the process. Even before a hoof trim is needed, get your pig used to having their hooves handled and getting them into a position you can clip from, even before you get the clippers out. You can do this starting from any age if you adopt an older pig. Use a good pair of clippers and have rewarding treats to hand with a willing helper. Some pigs will need trimming regularly, others may never need it. One way to minimise trimming is having hardstanding areas for your pig that they need to walk over every day. If necessary with pigs that are hard to manage, especially big pigs, you might need help from a vet and possibly as a last resort, sedation. Always keep an eye on the hooves and your pig's gait. If they start to walk funny due to overgrowth then this will cause problems in the legs and can lead to lameness. Also check for splits and cracks which may need treatment. The following site has some really useful advice on what to do and photos of what to look for: 


Skincare. Pigs get very dry skin, so its good to rub in pig oil, which can be bought at any farm supplies shop.  Also keep a supply of antibacterial spray handy for wounds and scratches, and some Hibiscrub for washing infected areas. As pigs love a good scratch, a horsebrush can be used to provide a piggy massage. And if they are light-skinned, sunblock in strong sun is essential if they aren't kept in shade.


Basic personal care is something that should be done as part of your regular routine. Spending time with your pigs every day means you can give them a quick check over for any issues, get them used to you holding up hooves, looking in ears, etc.


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