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Axel & Twirl

Date need to move by: ASAP

Date added to list: 29/03/22

Number of pigs: 2

Reason for rehoming: Moving house

Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Axel and Twirl, kune kune crosses, born 2018, around 20in high

Castrated/Spayed: axel is castrated

Location: South Wales

Transport available: transport possibly available

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: n/a

Personality: from their current home "Female named Twirl , male is Axel (spotty). Friendly once they get to know you. Twirl a bit cautious at first with strangers. Brilliant with me , wait at gate for their food every morning. Love their food. Will follow if call them. Love laying out on patio in the sun. Both love belly rubs when laying down and being scratched. Love to run around garden. Enjoy messing around in water and rolling in water tubs. Really good with my dog and with rabbits. Brother and sister so have always been together, they were born in 2018."

Updates from new home required: happy either way

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